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Morepower Tuning Letters

06 BMW 530d
I now have more power and better acceleration than most petrol performance cars, and average 5.7L/100km.

BMW X5 3.0L Diesel 135kw
Your tuning work to our car has saved us from trading up, and given us equivalent power and economy to the newer model, thanks.

R/Rover 3.0L TD6
The engine is far more able to cope with the weight of this vehicle now, and with no loss in economy, I am very pleased with the results.

R/Rover 2.7L TDV6
Goes like a V8 with car economy.

Mits. Pajero 3.2L
Once correctly tuned, the power increase was very noticeable. Will be getting one for my new common rail Pajero, as you said that one is a simple plug-in unit.

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5L
Simple, 5 minutes to fit, the result is wonderful.

Toyota L/cr 100ser 4.2L TDI
This is my 2nd attempt of tuning my 4wd. The 1st product was much more expensive and was uncomfortable to drive with all the surging. Your product gave me the extra towing power I was looking for, without the surging problems caused by the other product.

Toyota Hilux 3.0L TD
My ute was starting to feel a bit tired, but this system really woke it up.

Toyota Hilux 3.0L TDI
The wiring loom connecting to each of the injectors was already impressive, but the performance was amazing.

Morepower HID Xenon Lighting Letters

Prado 120ser
I tried different type of bulbs before, but these lights make them all look like yellow candles.

Toyota L/cr 60ser
Out where I live you have to have good lights. Nothing else could do better from such a low power draw. We have also noticed what you mentioned about the roo’s staying still and not being spooked by the lights, must be something about the colour.

Truck, Overnight Long Haul
Our drivers are reporting less tiredness from reduced eyestrain (red-eye), and vehicle repair costs are down from previous animal damage.

Hiclone Letters

Chevrolet Letters
From 4.51 km/L to 5.29 km/L, an improvement of 17.29%.
Chev Silverado 5.7L V8

Chrysler & Jeep Letters
Around town was 16.442 mpg and now is 17.719 mpg, an improvement of 7.7%. Highway was 24.94 mpg and now is 28.166 mpg, an improvement of 12.9.
Voyager 1999

Over the distance of 1,050km, and despite the head wind encountered the Hiclone has proved the claim of reduce fuel consumption. I am confident that the Hiclone should prove its worth.
Jeep Cherokee 4.0Lt EFI

The smoothing of the engine and the extra torque all through the rev band is very noticeable.
Jeep Cherokee Turbo Diesel

Ford Letters
My fuel economy changed from 4.6 km/L to 6.5 km/L with two Hiclones. I then experimented with the placement of the Hiclones and eventually got 7.35 km/L.
Ford Courier 2.6 Lt EFI

12% gain in fuel economy doing 140km per hour up the centre, 21.08 % gain in fuel economy in normal motoring.
Ford Falcon 1986 6cyl

I have noticed an increase in power and whilst driving around the city on gas, my range has increased from 320km to 380km per tank.
Ford Falcon 4.0 Lt EFI/LPG

I was very pleased with the economy of about 14% better in the city.
Ford Falcon XF

This will save me $240 per year, and I’m happier knowing that I’m contributing to a less polluted environment.
Ford Falcon 4.1 Lt

Final result with 2 Hiclones fitted was 11.32km/L (32mpg)
Ford XE Fairmont EFI

I took twice the same route with and without the Hiclones and I can only say “amazing”
Ford Transit

Holden Letters
You come across some unusual devices that claim to increase power, but this funny little ring actually works.
Holden Commodore VR V6 (“Street Commodore” magazine)

7kw at wheels more power on a 195kw SS
Holden Commodore V8

I was a bit amazed at the difference of power I got out of my old V6.
Commodore VP V6

I must say I could hear the difference when I start the motor.
Holden Commodore VS V6

From 41mpg to 47mpg at highway speeds.
Holden Commodore VT V6

The hiclone is working fantastic. A bit too well for the computer can not accurately report the km's to empty. It's seams to have outstanding fuel efficiency with a 3Hp increase dyno result at the back wheels.
Holden Commodore VT V6

Stock from 11.2L \ 100km to 8.6 L \ 100km for highway driving. Very impressed. Amazed
Holden Commodore VT V6

So it certainly looks like it does work and the car seems to have more get up and go. I can't wait for the next trip towing the van.
Holden Commodore VY V6

put one into a Jackaroo and it took my fuel from 18L/100 to 13.5L/100 Kms
Holden Jackaroo 3.5L

It has at least a gear better. I can go up hills in overdrive where I used to have to change down.
Holden Rodeo 2.6 Lt EFI

35mpg approx 20% fuel savings
Holden Rodeo 2.5L Diesel

Land-Rover Letters
When the second unit was fitted, the vehicle was transformed – it runs very well even uphill when cold.
Land-Rover Discovery 200TDI

After using the Hiclone for two weeks on the Discovery, I found it does reduce the turbo lag, enough to convince me to purchase another one.
Land-Rover Discovery 300TDI

I must say I had my doubts before but I actually got about 15% better fuel consumption on the freeway.
Land-Rover Discovery 300TDI

The car runs smoother at idle.... Lighter Throttle and no ‘lag’ when applying light acceleration… City 15mpg/17mpg = 13.5% improvement…Country 19.45mpg/22.1mpg = 14% improvement
Land-Rover Discovery V8 EFI

Mercedes Letters
Parts arrived this morning, and have installed them in our ML, noticed a power increase at lower RPM during a trip to Wollongong this afternoon.
Mercedes ML270

120kms more range per tank on cruise in the country.
Mercedes ML320

Mitsubishi Letters
I calculated that the Hiclones almost half payed for themselves on that one trip.
Mitsubishi Challenger

I immediately notice significantly improved fuel economy and approximately one-second improvement in my 0-100kmh acceleration times.
Mitsubishi Lancer

Fuel economy goes from 8.9km/l to 9.66km/l in four fortnights.
Mitsubishi Magna 2.6Lt EFI

I am pleased to say that the improvement to my take off from a standing start was absolutely astounding; in the first month I have gained an improvement of 25% on LPG and petrol.
Mitsubishi Magna

Along with a definite increase in power, I have seen an 8% increase of fuel
Economy…that would have to be the simplest and cheapest gains I have ever come across.
Mitsubishi Pajero

I was a little disappointed that my fuel consumption went up (from 15L/100km to 16.5L/100km) for about 800km. After about 30 days, it dropped dramatically to 13L/100km with fuel consumption now around the 12.5L/100km mark.
Mitsubishi Pajero

Pajero has gained from 4.3% to 13% in fuel consumption and has gained a very good amount of performance and the pull-up of the turbo has been noticeable
Pajero Turbo Diesel 2.5 4cyl

Overwhelmed with the reduction in fuel consumption (13.9Lt/100km to 11.12Lt/100km) “fantastic”.
Mitsubishi Triton 2.6Lt

Nissan Letters
After it was installed the difference was immediately noticeable.
Nissan Bluebird 2.4L EFI

I have proved a saving of at least 10% of fuel cost (30+mpg) which means a cleaner burning engine.
Nissan Maxima

The power output has increased some 10-15 %. Overall I am very impressed with the Hiclone unit.
Nissan Navara 2.7Lt Diesel

I was using a full tank of diesel on a daily basis. I installed the Hiclone and found that after subsequent trips with a full load, I still had diesel left in the tank.
Nissan Navara 2.7Lt Diesel

I have achieved a fuel improvement from 13Lt/100km (21.8mpg) to 11.5Lt/100km (24.7mpg). Similarly on open road runs it increased from 23.4mpg to 25.3mpg.
Nissan Pathfinder V6 3.0Lt EFI

Average of 3 trips Sydney to Cooma 21.3MPG (13.3lt/100 km). With Hiclone same trip 25.24MPG (11.2lt/100 km). Increase 19.24%!!! HOORAY!!!
Nissan Pathfinder 1997

I haven’t done proper figures as yet but already notice smoothness and definitely the fuel gauge hasn't moved nearly as much as normal it does seem a lot better.
Nissan Pathfinder V6 3.3L EFI

My last tank full worked out at 14.5%.(19.4mpg)
Nissan Pathfinder V6 3.3L EFI

Power & mileage have risen by 15% around town.
Nissan Pathfinder V6 3.3L EFI

I’m getting about 2 liters per hundred kilometers better
Nissan Patrol 2.8 Lt TDI

I have always been a bit disappointed in the lack of flexibility in the engine and changed to a lower gear often just to get the turbo delivering power but the range of usable torque now is very pleasing. A good product, not a gimmick.
Nissan Patrol 2.8 Lt TDI

I was amazed at the immediately noticeable increase in power.
Nissan Patrol 3.0L Carb

Hiclone gave me 17 % more range on LPG.
Nissan Patrol 4.2 Lt Carburetor/LPG

Vehicle appears to be smoother at idle… Estimated increase in power/performance 10%…Marginal improvement in fuel economy – 1/1.5mpg currently indicated.
Nissan Patrol 4.2L Diesel

Noticed around an extra 40 to 50 kms (8-11% better) in fuel consumption out of every tank
Nissan Patrol 4.2L Diesel

stimated increase in power/performance 10%. Marginal improvement in fuel economy - 1/1.5mpg currently indicated.
Nissan Patrol 4.2L Diesel

Thank you for your support of the Australian team in our Rainforest Challenge debut. We won !!!
Nissan Patrol Turbo Diesel

So far so good, I hope fuel consumption is as impressive as power increase
Nissan Patrol 4.2L EFI

Made a fantastic difference to the van. We can now go up hill in top gear.
Nissan Urvan 2.7Lt Diesel

Subaru Letters
To meet California’s tough smog rules, Subaru’s fitted a valve in the inlet runners to create a greater swirling of the intake charge in the combustion chamber….
Subaru also claims that it uses 10% less fuel than its predecessor. It is doubtful we will get such advanced technology, because our pollution laws aren’t as tight….
New Subaru WRX (“Wheels” magazine Nov 2000)

The engine is so smooth and responsive. I don’t know about economy yet, I’m having too much fun with this extra power.
Subaru Impreza Sport 2001

I have had a Hiclone on my previous Subaru Impreza RX, which lived up to its advertising. I now have a Year 2003 Subaru Outback H6
Subaru Impreza

Our Outback is going great, its quieter, it tows better but most of all it is saving us between 13 and 14.5% on our fuel bills.
Subaru Outback 2002

Sold my WRX. Bought an import B4 so I’m back for more Hiclones. It looks like I can fit 3 to the B4.
Subaru Liberty B4

Suzuki Letters
When towing my caravan the fuel consumption was 4.2kms/litre. Once the Hiclone was fitted the consumption decreased to 6.4kms/litre when towing the van.
Suzuki Grand Vitara V6

The second Hiclone works very well in the Suzuki, Definitely more power, especially down low. I have proven the ITG filter to work better than K&N by running oil tests.
Suzuki Vitara V6

Toyota Letters
I installed a hiclone last week in my 94 3LV6 4Runner and my god I thought I was driving a different Vehicle. The power increase was very noticeable. I hardly have to press on the accelerator at all now.
Toyota 4Runner V6

I was obtaining 10Lt/100km; I am now obtaining 8.5Lt/100km. The car seems more responsive and quieter, and less expensive to run.
Toyota Corolla Seca 1.6Lt

Hiclone has increased performance, with better fuel efficiency. I fully recommend the Hiclone system.
Toyota Hi-ace

With 2 Hiclones in our Hilux 2.8 diesel, we were very impressed with the improved performance & around 19% better fuel economy, fitted a third Hiclone into the top of the snorkel we had gained a further 120 km.
Toyota Hilux 2.8L

With one Hiclone ring fitted, we achieved 17% decrease in fuel usage… and with two rings fitted the figure improved to 23.5%… I ran acceleration times from 0-100kph, which saw a difference in average times of 1.5 seconds.
Toyota Land-Cruiser 80 series Diesel (“4x4 Australia” magazine)

I have done around 12,000km, closely monitoring fuel consumption with them installed and removed. During this period we have experience an increase in fuel economy of up to 29%.
Toyota Land-Cruiser 80 series Diesel

I got more range…My 4wd with its air snorkel had a range of 905km on 145 liters of diesel, now that range 1280 on a tank (41% improvement).
Toyota Land-Cruiser Diesel

You can keep the money, I'll hang on to the Hiclones, improvements were felt, bloody amazing something so simple makes a difference!!
Toyota Land-Cruiser

I use to only get about 700km out of my 145lt tank. Now I am good for 800km. Very impressed
Toyota Land-Cruiser 80 series 4.5L

After a total of 870km has come down from a average of 14.7Lt/100km to 12.5Lt/100km
Toyota Prado V6

Truck Letters
With 2 units installed my fuel consumption has improved by 8.6 % and a noticeable increase in power.
Hino FG 9 tone

My fuel consumption went from 3.12km/L to 3.65km/L a 14 percent improvement, thanks for a great product.
Mitsubishi FM515

Over a period of six months, we have found a 6% fuel improvement and the driver states better performance.
Volvo N12.