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Does your car use all the fuel you pay for? NO. Any fuel you don’t use is the money you wasted.

Hiclone is a simple non-moving and maintenance-free device made of stainless steel, which fits inside the air filter housing of a carburetor or in the air induction hose on EFI, turbo, LPG or diesel engines. Which creates a swirling cyclone or tornado like effect to the airflow into the intake manifold and combustion chamber of any engine.

Hiclone has No moving parts and will therefore out last the life expectancy of any engine.

Hiclone requires NO engine modifications and NO chemicals.

It is for these reasons that we offer a lifetime warranty and an unconditional 30 days Money-back guarantee.

Hiclone helps improved economy, increased powerreduced engine emissions & noise, and it is easy to install.

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Carb Hiclone

Various Shapes and Sizes to suit different vehicles

$ 160.00
$ 160.00

Hose Type Hiclone

Hose type Car size Hiclone

$ 160.00
$ 160.00

Hose Type Truck Hiclone

Truck size Hiclone

$ 215.00
$ 215.00