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TR-1 EGR Delete Resistor

Ebay EGR Delete Resistor

Ebay is starting to block the sale of this item & plans to block sale of any item which deactivates EGR Valve.
EGR Delete Resistor kit includes EGR Delete Resistor, shrink wrap tube & Vehicle Specific Fitting Instructions.
Fix EGR (Exhaust Gas Reheat/Recirculate) Valve function electronically by simply adding another resistor to the factory resistor - The Temperature Sensor on Air Flow Sensor is just a Resistor being cooled by the air flow. This simple process of cutting one wire & adding an extra Resistor tells the ECU that the EGR is functioning normally, cancelling Check Engine warning light.
Japanese car makes were facing their own Dieselgate scandal in March 2016, when the Japanese Govt tested their Diesel models & found they emitted many times higher than their claimed pollution levels. Toyota blamed the cold weather caused the vehicle emission controls (EGR) to switch off as quoted: Toyota “will continue to make improvements to reduce NOx emissions during on-road vehicle operation,” a company spokesman told the Wall Street Journal, with Nissan and Mitsubishi giving similar answers. It is believed cold weather may have affected the tests, with engines potentially switching off exhaust recirculation systems (EGR) as a protection measure. Diesel sales make up just 4% of the Japanese market.
This process of fitting an additional Resistor to the Temperature Sensor on the Air filter box (AAT) only switches off the EGR warning light & does not interfere with other engine functions. The engine mixtures are calculated by another Air Temperature Sensor (IAT) located near the Inlet Manifold. This Manifold Temperature Sensor reads the actual Air Temperature after it has been compressed by Turbo & Cooled by Intercooler.
Just let us know which vehicle you have then we can supply you the correct value Resistor & instructions on how to fit it.