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Air Filter Foam 25ppi Coarse

1 Piece of Foam approx. 50cm x 45cm in Coarse Grade 25ppi

Coarse Foam ideal for pre-cleaner layer keeping larger particles away from surface of main airfilter

We keep 3 grades of Petrol Resistant Reticulated Polyester air filter foam available for retail sale:

25ppi - coarse - pre-cleaner only

60ppi - medium - filter foam

80ppi - fine - filter foam

These are only sold in Black colour. It is the pigment used to create colours in foam which cause them to break down. Black is pure and contains no pigments.

Can be safely washed in BP or Shell 91 octane Petrol.

Many people sell Polyurethane Foam which is commonly used in cushions, but this crumbles & falls apart when exposed to petroleum products. Reticulated Polyester is a stronger more resilient material - some of our filters are now 18 years old & still working.

Price of this Ebay listing includes 1 piece of Coarse foam in size 0.5 x 0.45m aprox,

S/S wire mesh is also available with 10mm square holes