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Tech info on MP - Throttle & Accelerator Pedal Position

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Tuning Technical Information

We are increasingly getting inquiries from customers having problems with standard vehicles. They are being frustrated with New Car Dealers who are not listening to their complaints about their vehicles poor Economy or Performance. Dealers are finding themselves caught in the middle as manufacturers dumb down the test procedures which the dealers are only allowed to carry out. They are only permitted to replace what their Diagnostic Equipment determines, so faulty sensors sending incorrectly calibrated signals, result in the Diagnostic Equipment not seeing the real faults. These Pages are here to give you a better understanding of how your vehicle works & help you diagnose problems you are having with your vehicle.

Throttle Position Sensor & Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor


The Accelerator Pedal Sensor is the direct Human Input devise for driving the engine, but on work vehicles, they can be easily damaged from foot well carpet dust or water. As you depress the pedal the signal voltage should steadily rise from 0-5v. Depressing the accel pedal & this Sensor results in rising Fuel Pressure in the Fuel Rail to make the engine rpm increase. On faulty sensors we see the voltage jump up by up to 0.5v at points instead of a steady smooth progression. This can result in engine surging at these jump points.
Some brands of Injector Control Tuning boxes need to have a wire connected to the accel pedal sensor so that they know when you want to have more power, but this then causes problems with Cruise Control Systems which are not linked to the accel pedal sensor.
Our MorePower Injector Control box does not need any extra wires. Our box works out the Engine RPM by counting all the Injector Pulses. Then our box measures how long each pulse lasts, the harder the driver presses down on the accel pedal then the Injector Pulses are longer duration. This then also works exactly the same with the Cruise Control.

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Accel Pedal Box Tuning

Some people fit these as well as using a Tuning Box for the fuel system. But if you need to fit both then your Fuel Tuning Box is not set right, it obviously has too much delay before the Tuning Map starts. We also have these boxes in our range but only ever use them on vehicles where there is no other alternate method of Tuning. They only improve pedal response, there is no top end power gain & fuel economy can be worse than standard. Also beware when buying these; a cheap product may result in “Uncontrolled Acceleration” as Pedal boxes do send a higher voltage signal than was intended by the manufacturer. If the system fails the drivers only option is to turn off the ignition while driving removing power assistance to steering & brakes.

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