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Technical Info on Morepower Tuning

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What You Need To Know About Electronic Diesel Tuning

The first rule is to beware of information printed in magazines, “Cash for Comment” rules in the media industry. Their interpretation of the “Advertising Standards” is that they do not need to verify information provided by an advertiser. We do understand that these companies are forced to spend a lot of money to get this level of advertising industry support. At the same time it is well known that products which contain the least substance must cover this deficiency with large advertising. In their defence the magazines claim any liability rests with the company who supplied the information. As long as the magazines still sell, it does not matter to them how they treat their loyal readership. This approach suits the magazine, because the only way to fight back is then to “Out-Spend” these other advertisers, in the same magazine. But our ethics say this is wrong. One of the largest 4x4 Magazine in Australia is now a share holder, directly profiting from sales of Tuning & other 4WD products in certain companies. This then further questions who is then responsible for the information being supplied to the consumer.

If the advertiser claims their product is “Made in Australia” it will be printed as fact. If the advertiser provides a dyno graph, it will be printed as fact, despite the same dyno graph being used for every vehicle on their web site, with the numbers changed on the side of the graph to match their claims. You might notice a similarity in these graphs, but the claim is these are real dyno’s of a Landrover, Toyota & Mercedes. But they are the same curves moved up or down the page & the numbers changed on the side to match their “Claimed” power gain.

Real Dyno graphs look different from each other, even when comparing same model vehicles, with same type of engine, in this case Toyota 70series V8 4.5L.

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If an advertiser claims their product can communicate with different engine functions, without even having any connection to these functions, this will also be printed as fact. If it were true how many less wires would manufacturers need on their engines? One company was displaying a product the size of a matchbox with the claim it was so sophisticated, you could almost remove the factory ECU. Bosch has some of the most sophisticated ECU’s & requires a certain sized box to house all the circuits required to run one of these engines.

They also claim to be connecting “Downstream” of the ECU. But in reality are connecting “Downstream” of the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor. They modify this Rail Pressure signal and then send this modified signal “Downstream” to the ECU. So this means they have connected their product “Up-stream” of the ECU. This signal is only telling the ECU what the Fuel Pressure is in the Fuel Rail. If this is the only connection this product makes to the engine & it does not connect to the Air Flow Sensor, Boost Sensor or the Timing Sensor, then it is only adjusting the Fuel Pressure.

Injectors are “Downstream” of the ECU, but it is not really important about which is up or down stream, both methods are valid forms of engine tuning. It is only unfortunate that people who claim to be experts have very little knowledge of Electronics & the direction of Data Flow.
In both cases the vehicles safety systems are still operating, the engine ECU senses when:
Temperatures are getting too high
High pressure pump fuel delivery is too high
If these situations the ECU will detune the engine &/or log Fault Codes if it senses factory limits have been exceeded.

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The important part about Tuning Boxes compared to ECU Re-programming is being able to tune a vehicle & leave no trace of it being tuned in the ECU Data Logs. We can still do ECU Re-programming but it requires removing the ECU from the vehicle, opening up the case & programming direct through the circuit board. Even after doing all this it is still detectable by Dealers, if they know what they are looking for.

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www.morepower.com.au is the only company which has all of the different styles of Tuning Systems available within our product range and are able to provide the system which best suits the individual engine