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LED Lights

Economy – Fuelsaver LED uses less power than any other light.
Old Incandescent bulbs need to use 60-100Watts of power to light a room.
New Halogen “Energy Saving” lights need at least 42Watts to try and match an old 60Watt bulb. This is not much of an “Energy Savings”.
CFL (Compact Fluorescent, or Spiral Tube) lights need at least 9-15Watts to light a room, and are difficult to fit in some existing light fittings.
Fuelsaver LED use less than 5Watts (2.5-4.7W). Available in Warm White (3000K), which matches the colour of old style light bulbs. Plus we also have the more modern Cool White (5000K).

Safety – Fuelsaver LED cool running temperatures mean no more Government sponsored insulation fires.
Old Incandescent light bulbs can reach temperatures higher than 140 degrees Celsius in less than 15 minutes of use.
Current “Energy Saving” 42W light bulbs can reach temperatures higher than 110 degrees Celsius in less than 15 minutes of use.
Current CFL 9-15W light bulbs can reach temperatures higher than 60 degrees Celsius in less than 15 minutes of use.
Even most “Energy Saving” 12 Volt lights with external transformers run at very high temperatures (both the light & transformer) and both must have clearance from flammable materials like insulation.
Fuelsaver LED Lights are a single sealed plug-in unit, with no external transformer, and operate at temperatures less than 30 degrees Celsius. They do not feel hot to touch even after hours of use.

Toxic Chemicals – All electronic components should be recycled to extract the precious metals they contain. Millions of CFL lights are already in use in Australian homes. Most will end up poisoning either our homes or the land & water tables. The glass tube in CFL lights is easily broken, and immediately releases Mercury and other toxic chemicals. These are required to be disposed-of at special disposal centres. But with no organised household collection service available, all of these Toxic Chemicals will end up in our landfills.
Fuelsaver LED Lights are sealed electronic components, and do not use Toxic Chemicals to produce light.

Available Now - Fuelsaver LED light bulbs are currently stocked in 3 styles, but others will be available soon – please inquire.
Bulb Styles
B60 4W 80LED in B22 (baton) style base. This is the most common style of light bulb found in Australian homes, and is the same size and shape as the old style bulbs.
DL63 4.7W 93LED in E27 (ES or 27mm screw type) style base. This is used in Down lights which do not use remote transformer.
GX53 3W 60LED to fit GX53 base. This is a recent arrival in light market, but is popular in New Green ECO homes. The light is compact and has a modern appearance.